Dan & Esther Penney's "Rejoice & Request" Update -- March 2006

How can two or three "missing" days make the month feel so much shorter?  February flew by.  Of course, a few "extra-curricular" activities didn't help.  Between Esther's pregnancy and a couple other matters, we fit six medical visits into the month (some were merely lab tests, but they take up just as much time).  But we are well, and praising the Lord for his goodness.  (For those of you reading this in black-and-white, the blue "Rejoices" are also italicized, and the red "Requests" are bolded).


*       As far as medical science can determine, Esther's pregnancy is going smoothly.  We are grateful for that, and for your prayers supporting us in it.  Esther says she is starting to feel movement, and this one is just as active as his/her siblings!

*       Continue to pray for Esther.  By this point in her other two pregnancies she had begun to feel much better, but she continues to struggle with both nausea and fatigue.

*       We will be among those participating in WorldVenture's worldwide Leadership Conference in South Africa this month.  Since whole families were invited (there will be a kids' program during the conference days), we will take advantage of the trip for a week's vacation in Johannesburg as well, after the conference.  Joining us, both at the conference and in the vacation, will be Esther's parents as well as her brother and his family.  We will be gone from March 12 to 26, so if we're slow to respond to email those two weeks, you'll know why.

*       We praise God for the provision of utilities.  One is made more aware of the benefits of such resources when they are taken away now and again.  This month our electricity has gone off every day or two, for periods of anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours at a time.  And just this week, we lost our city water for four days straight.  After the third day, we had run through our two large reservoirs on the roof, and were begging jerry cans of water from colleagues in another part of town who still had water.  But as He always does, God provided as much as we needed, and we praised Him for that.  And today (this very morning) we're praising Him that we have both water and electricity (including two full reservoirs once again!).  Many in this country have neither running water nor electricity, at any time.


*       Continue to pray for Adama Diouf's financial support.  (Account #6470 922 "IPM-Adama Diouf," in case you want to give to this or know someone who might.)

*       On the plus side for Adama, we believe we have found enough money to purchase a vehicle for him.  Praise the Lord for this needed provision.

*       Continue to pray with us for a new director for Dakar Academy.  This MK school serves over 250 children from all over West Africa, and has unique needs, both as an American school in a non-American environment and as a combination of a boarding school and a day school for missionary children.  Dan is on the school board, which is conducting the search for a new director for 2006/2007.  We will need him/her in place by this summer!

*       Praise the Lord that the Senegalese have not reacted violently over the caricatures of Mohammed in the European press.  In fact, no one has even mentioned them to us, and the single demonstration about it in the capital was peaceful.  God continues to watch over us here in Senegal.

*       Pray for WorldVenture's global Leadership Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa this month.  There will be seven adults (plus six kids) attending just from our Senegal field team.  Pray for safety in travel, good fellowship, and development of leadership potential within the organization.


*       Continue to pray for ITES (Institut de Theologie Evangelique du Senegal; formerly known as IED).  We continue to have significant needs, but God has provided in two wonderful ways this month, as the following two points indicate...

*       With $16,000 now in-hand for land/construction, the board approved the directorial team's plan to spend up to $5,000 on a moderately large plot of land (3-5 acres) outside of Dakar now while land in that area is still relatively cheap.  That land will await future needs for a residential school in 8-10 years as the evangelical church in Senegal grows.  Praise the Lord for guiding the board and the director in this foresightful decision.

*       In a separate development, two different workable options have come to light for a short-term solution to school's immediate need for facilities within Dakar.  Please pray for the board and the director as they evaluate how best to proceed on these opportunities, and that at least one of them will prove to be financially feasible.

*       The neighborhood mosque across the street from our house continues to go up (they have completed the foundation).  Continue to pray with us that this structure will soon be dedicated to the worship of God's one and only Son, Jesus Christ.


*       God meets all our needs!  How have you seen him meet yours lately?


Thank you for your prayers.  Your financial support allows to BE in Senegal, but your prayers are what allow us to have an impact for Christ.

(You have our permission to distribute or reproduce this information as you feel appropriate.)